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Welcome to our web pages, which offers you synopsis about medieval clothing, our costume creations and patterns since 1999.

   This third innovation of our pages is not just about design. We enlarged information devoted to western European clothing previously designated for beginners. You can find here also texts about clothing in the rest of Europe and other parts of the world as well as belles-lettres about medieval life (unfortunately in Czech).

   Newly we present historically accurate patterns. For your inspiration are here extant originals





of cloths and accessories and preview of our creation too.

   We hope that extended content will be useful for you. Please excuse us that not all the pages are translated to English.

   This pages are optimized for Internet Explorer 4.0 and better. We are sorry to users of other web browsers but we still don't find proper dynamic fonts so the content will not appear properly to them.



   Thank you for your patience.